I know that insomnia has been plaguing you, and you desperately want to start sleeping normally again.
I believe I can help you.

Sleep disorders have been my focus for a good portion of the twenty-two years I have been in practice. In fact, it was my own sleep issues that pushed me to study different systems along with Chinese medicine, in the hopes that all insomnia sufferers who came through my door might find relief. What I bring to this rarefied field is an ability to approach insomnia using various treatment modalities. If one is not right for you, another one very well may be.

Unfortunately, our medical system is not very helpful when it comes to curing sleep disorders. The only “solution” doctors have is hard medication, and it is blunt and non-curative. Worse, these drugs are also highly addictive. That you’re not supposed to take them for longer than twenty-one days is rarely shared from doctor to patient. And yet, prescriptions are often extended indefinitely.

At Somnus, our goal is to help you sleep without resorting to drugs or uncomfortable “Sleep Studies”. Our methods are safe and have been with us far longer than synthesized drugs have been. Further, our approach is to treat insomnia directly while addressing the other issues, at least one of which is invariably present with insomnia.

What Are These “Other Issues?”
Digestive Issues,
Depression, and
Whether you are experiencing one or multiple issues, do not despair. Know they are all interlinked and, as one falls away, the others often do as so well.

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