…of not being able to sleep knowing you’ve got things to do the next day can be devastating. Whether you’re having a hard time getting to sleep, staying asleep, or both, we can help you. Rather than offer you addictive medication such as Ambien, we utilize only natural remedies that support you physically and emotionally.

We do a thorough intake to determine the cause of your sleeplessness to determine the underlying issue. Whether it is anxiety, stress, pain, or another reason, we take that into account and strive to alleviate it as well.

We then discuss with you how to best approach the issue. We respect your particular comfort levels, and so whether you choose to pursue acupuncture, natural herbs, supplements or hypnotherapy, we set up a treatment plan and work with you to help you achieve your goal: healthy, consistent sleep.

Experience, and research, tells us that there are often underlying factors along with the insomnia. Sometimes they are situational and can be addressed with one or two sessions. More often the situation has been building for some time, and must be addressed as well, in order for a full recovery to take place. Those factors may include:
Digestive issues,
Drug interaction,

These are all issues that we treat successfully using acupuncture, supplements Chinese herbs, Hypnotherapy and Hormonal Rebalancing.
Here is a brief synopsis on each modality.

Insomnia is a dysfunction of the mind and body, and acupuncture essentially jumpstarts the body’s core functions leading it back to a state of homeostasis, or ‘balance’. In treating insomnia with acupuncture and Chinese herbs we analyze the body’s mysteries. Soon, seemingly unrelated symptoms lead us to a treatment strategy.

Hypnosis And Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
We utilize hypnosis to ask the subconscious mind what it “wants”. If you’re not sleeping, it may be your subconscious telling you’re doing something that’s not in your best interest. Once you make that change, sleep can return.

It’s possible the negative thoughts that stop you from sleeping are just poor programming. With NLP and Neuroplasticity, you can choose the way you react to circumstances instead of being a victim to them. This is called freedom, and you deserve it fully and completely

Hormonal Rebalancing.
At times, environmental toxins can wreak havoc on the body, and on the mind. At other times, our stress factors can be such that we may experience a ‘tired and wired’ sensation, where we are exhausted but can’t sleep. Or we may get a night’s sleep but still feel exhausted the next morning. To combat this we use supplement therapy to repair and thereby balance the hormones if they are out of balance.