Hypnosis and Trance

What exactly Is hypnosis, or “Trance”?

Trance workers (hypnotists) will be the first to say there is no such thing as trance; that all trance is self-trance. It’s true. Pop culture aside, person B can’t induce trance in person A without A’s approval. More important, when you agree to enter into trance and then do so, you’re empowering yourself. You’re proving you can, if you choose to, alter your awareness, and on your terms. You’ve chosen to access the portion of your brain that’s usually unavailable to you, in a safe, agreed-upon way. In this state, which is one of deep relaxation and acute awareness, we use targeted suggestions to create change that your mind perceives as meaningful to you.

How Trance Reboots Your Brain—In a good way!

You’ve heard the saying that your mind is a computer. Let’s play with that metaphor. Say you open a certain file in your brain, and if you’ve got sleep, anxiety, or stress issues, it’s crammed with negative beliefs. This worn groove of negative thought patterns is programmed to do one thing, which is, often, to fail. Again. And you feel hopeless trying to overcome the old conditioning. Trance takes you out of the helpless place, speeding up the creation of new neural networks. By activating a strong positive feeling, we identify how we want to feel about sleep. We first identify the old feeling in our brain, and then overlay a new experience in the area of the brain that had the negative emotions. By constructing a new set of neural pathways, we support a positive outcome for going to sleep.

So, now, with a different sensory and emotional experience stored in that same place in our brain, we can choose how we want to feel. Given a choice, the brain typically goes for a positive option.

If this all sounds weird to you, know that your reaction is normal. That doesn’t mean it can’t benefit you, though.

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