I know that insomnia has been bothering you, and you just want to start sleeping normally again.
I believe I can help you.

Sleep disorders have been my focus for most of the twenty-two years I have been in practice. In fact, it was my own sleep issues that pushed me to study Chinese medicine. I continued to study that, and other systems, in the hopes that insomnia sufferers coming to me might find relief. What I bring to this rarefied field is an ability to approach insomnia using various treatment modalities. If one is not right for you, another one very well may be.

Unfortunately, your doctor is rarely able to help when it comes to sleep disorders. The only “solution” doctors have is hard medication, and it is blunt, addictive and non-curative. The fact that you are not supposed to take them for longer than twenty-one days is rarely shared from doctor to patient. And yet, prescriptions are often extended indefinitely.

At Somnus, our goal is to help you sleep without resorting to drugs or uncomfortable “sleep studies”. The methods we use are safe, and have successful far longer than synthesized drugs, which only knock you out without curing you. Some would consider our approach radical: we treat you, rather than a meaningless diagnosis. We do that by addressing secondary issues which, in our view are the underlying issue. It is crucial in our view, that we treat those as well.  At least one of the following  is almost invariably present with insomnia (Inability to get to sleep, stay asleep or sleep in a way that brings nourishment to the body and mind).

Underlying Issues Are Typically One or More of the Following:

Pain: Neck, shoulder, back, leg—any kind of pain that impedes a person’s sleep or wakes them up is fair game.

Anxiety: Many people with insomnia also have anxiety. We treat that with acupuncture alone, or in tandem with other therapies.

Depression: Depending on whether it is chronic or situational, it may take longer to see real change, but depression is treatable.

Digestive Issues: Someone once said acupuncture treats Belly, Brain and Pain. The belly part of the equation refers to its success with everything from GERD, to Reflux, constipation and diarrhea.

 Stress: This may be the most talked about but under-treated modality. Left untreated it can cause huge damage from heart problems to extreme depression, and everything in between.

Whether you are experiencing one or multiple issues along with insomnia, do not despair. They are interlinked. As we repair one issue, the others fall away as well, and you’ll be sleeping normally.

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