Feedback from Grateful Patients

I came in to see Dan half out of my mind. I think I hadn’t slept in about three weeks. After the first treatment with Dan I slept like a baby. Over the next month me sleep was up down, but slowly things got better. A lot better. Thank you Dan, I’m now sleeping consistently, and when I get thrown off—it does happen—I’ve got ways to get back to sleep.
You saved me.

Elaine Billings, Horizon Media. LIC

I was sleeping okay, but waking up feeling total fatigued. You told me about the ‘tired and wired’ syndrome and then set about repairing it. What can I say, thank you!
Karen D. New York, NY

I never thought that sleeping better would lead to me taking control of my anxiety. Dan gave me a technique to calm my nervous system, and that allowed me to sleep. Wow.
Ang Singh

Dan, thank you for helping me get off Ambien and sleeping again. A total life saver.
Marty Singer, Brooklyn.

I never thought I’d get a good night’s sleep again because of my acid reflux. You got rid of the reflux and now I’m sleeping better than I have in years. Thanks, Dan
B. Scheer

Dan began treating me after I received a fracture to my hip from a high impact injury that was making sleep impossible. Within two sessions the pain had eased and I was sleeping again. He is kind and easy to talk with, and most importantly his needles don’t hurt!
Jeanine M. Washington Heights

Two sessions with Dan and I’m sleeping again after months of sleepless nights. He’s got this calm way he talks and works that tells you you’re in the right place.
Carlos Machado, Astoria NY

I had chronic insomnia on-and-off for about five years. The acupuncture with Dan really kicked in about the fourth treatment. What made a huge difference was combing the acupuncture with hypnosis. He’s really very gifted.
D. Haines, NYC

My husband and I have seen Dan Bernstein to address various health issues. But when my husband started having massive panic attacks, Dan really helped us out with the hypnosis. I am very, very grateful for him. I don’t know anyone else who does the work he does.
Cassie T. Brooklyn, NY

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