Hypnosis For Sleep

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Sleep?

If you are having problems getting to sleep, staying asleep or both, hypnosis is a viable, natural solution. We all have the ability to take charge of our mind, even if it doesn’t feel that way at times. Since 2005 I’ve provided people with the tools to sleep better using hypnosis. Neuroplasticity, a new branch Neurobiology tells us that neurons in our brain responsible for change are highly flexible. We utilize this with hypnosis by giving your subconscious mind suggestions that will help rewire your mind so that it naturally yields to sleep at the appropriate time.

I’ve got Anxiety and Doubt I Can be Hypnotized.

Oddly enough, you’re not alone in that sentiment. Seventy percent of my hypnosis clients feel that way at first. My training and experience helps those suffering with anxiety-based insomnia to effectively rewire their mind. With clear tools  to combat insomnia, you will feel prepared for the night. Imagine you now have a “Ambien button” that you can “press” to counteract fear of not being able to sleep. This technique, among others, will assist you on your trek to sleep. Depending on your situation, we can add acupuncture, herbs and supplements to further assist you, as needed.

How Hypnosis Reboots Your Brain—In a good way!

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that your mind is a computer. Let’s stay with that metaphor. Say you open a certain file in your brain, and it’s crammed with negative beliefs around sleep or anxiety. It’s an old record, and this worn groove of patterns is programmed to do one thing, which is to fail. Again. It’s natural that you might feel unable to overcome the old conditioning. Hypnosis does just that by creating new neural networks and overlaying them atop old ones. This helps to deflate your fear about sleep, and instead supports a positive mindset. The techniques only improve with repetition.

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