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Acupuncture, Hormone Balancing and Self-Hypnosis For Sleep Disorders

Are You Struggling With Any Of These Symptoms?

  • Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • Waking up shortly after falling asleep
  • Inability to sleep soundly through the night
  • Stressful feelings even at rest
  • Waking up too early but being unable to return to sleep
  • The inability to sleep at all
  • Sleep but wake up feeling fatigued

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1995 we’ve helped individuals get the sleep they deserve without sleep medication.  In the process, they regain control of their energy, their health and, yes, their life. If that’s something you want,  Get a free consultation. Call (212) 777-7191 to see if you are a candidate for therapy.  We offer package rates  

Also dealing with one of these secondary symptoms? 

  • Physical pain – We can help with acupuncture
  • Anxiety – We combine acupuncture, herbs and self-hypnosis
  • Digestive Issues keeping you awake – We can help.
  • Depression – Acupuncture, herbs and supplements are helpful
  • Stress – Hormonal balancing and acupuncture are effective
  • Self-Realization Issues – Hypnosis can help define core desires.              

We Can Help Help. contact us.   We also accept most insurance.

“Each hour before midnight is worth 2 after”. WRONG! Read 6 Sleep Myths Busted.

Wondering if Hypnosis might be for you? Listen to the recording on this page.

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  • …and many more

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Acupuncture For Sleep

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Patient Success Stories

“I had few expectations going in. Self-hypnosis really helped me sleep and is still great after a stressful day. My nervous system is finally relaxing. Thank you Dan, for giving me my life back.”
Claudia Kennedy, Insomnia
“I had insomnia, worrying about things that will probably never happen. 4 sessions and I felt a difference. After 6 I was calm…and sleeping again. Bless you Dan!”
“When I came in my anxiety levels were through the roof. The Ambien was awful.  Hypnosis and acupuncture together rewired me, and I’m no longer walking around with a cloud over my head. I’ve got two words: THANK YOU!”
Bren Kalish, Anxiety/Insomnia
“That I’m sleeping through the night is amazing. I came to see Dan in mid-divorce, stressed and sleeping three hours a night. The 4 hypnosis sessions were extraordinary.  Thanks Dan for your compassion and your guidance.”
George L, Sleeplesness